The Property


The property that is the subject of this offering is a tract of land currently being used as farm land, consisting of approximately 243 acres that abuts the levee on the Rio Grande River and is bounded by the South Orient Railroad to the east and has direct access to the approach to the Presidio-Ojinaga International Highway Bridge to the west. It is within the City Limits of Presidio and has access to city utilities.



Since the property has been used as farmland and is mostly flat and level, surface preparation for commercial purposes would be quite easy. Within the property, there is an old oxbow of the Rio Grande River. Around the outside of the oxbow runs an old irrigation ditch, located on an elevated levee. The ditch and levee can be easily removed if desired. Although the USACE and the NCRS have both confirmed that none the land has been classified as wetlands; the oxbow itself where the old riverbed was located appears to be wetland, so development of that small piece should be carefully studied. Further, in a letter dated April 2, 2014, the USFWS conveyed that no listed species or designated Critical Habitat is known to occur within the prospect area and noted that the Rio Grande River floodplain may provide habitat for nesting migratory birds, therefore normal care should be exercised to avoid taking of migratory bird nests, eggs, and/or young during development.


Although the subject property lies within the 100 year flood plain of the Rio Grande River, the property is protected from flooding by the levee constructed for that purpose. The area suffered flooding generally considered to be the worst in recorded history in 2008, and the levee failed upriver from the property. The levee was repaired and upgraded to improve protection during 100 year floods. During that flood, the subject property was unaffected – appearing as a virtual island during the event.